Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scrap Happy

Last weekend, Carla hosted a fantastic crop over at Scrap4Life. She had some great challenges and I am pretty happy with the 6 layouts I got done...

Where is my da?
Journaling reads: Oh, how you miss your beloved "da" when he is working nights!
You cry...walk around looking for him...asking for him! You barely sleep
the nights he is gone and wake up super early to wait for his return.
It's really rather pitiful to witness! Little one, your "da" always
comes home to you and then it's a sweet reunion! You smile, you play, and
in time lay back down with him. April 2009


This was a lift of Jenney's "Baby Parts"
Thanks, Jenney!


Found You
Journaling reads: Playing hide-n-seek at the park...
one of your new favorite games! May 2008

baby butt crack
Journaling reads: I could not help but laugh
and (of course) take a picture of you climbing
the stairs baring your baby butt crack. Too cute!
Summer 2008

**Baby butt compliments of Garrett**

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