Saturday, February 7, 2009

Project 365...Weeks of January 25th & February 1st

Two weeks of photos for your "viewing pleasure"...

Sunday morning breakfast...can you tell they LOVE
their Christmas PJ's and wear them often;)

Craft time with BOYS...foam stickers ultimately end up
in a dump truck!

Parker, Garrett, and I have been busy with Valentine's crafts lately...
mommy cut out the hearts, the boys colored, and we hung them together!

Early morning school (again) for Parker!

Our coveted fruit bowl...we go through SO much fruit
in this house. If I would let them Parker and Garrett would
empty this bowl in one day.

As Parker is quickly approaching his 5th birthday
I have been thinking rather often about his twin we miscarried.
My mom presented me with this Angel in God's hand after
our loss and it sits in Parker and Garrett's bedroom. It is hard
not to think what our life would have been like with twins...
would our baby have been a boy or a girl...and
so many additional unknowns.
This Angel also reminds me of how much we have
to be thankful for...three beautiful little boys who are truly
a gift from God.

OK...check out how "old" our almost 9 month old looks here!
Ryder is on a BIG climbing kick lately...he loves to climb
up onto the Little Tykes picnic table and "pretend" he is big.
Now that he has mastered getting up onto the seat of the table
I find him trying to climb atop the table itself.
Slow down little monkey!!!

Our first overnight trip as a family of 5...a getaway
to Kalahari Water Park & Resort. The little
guy LOVED the water and was a champ throughout
our stay:)

Little swimming 2 at Kalahari Water Park.
Parker and Garrett loved the wave pool!

Yes, I AM that crazy neighbor you see fetching her mail
wearing flip flops in the snow. Often, you can catch me
wearing shorts and a tank top as well in this frigid weather.

Parker's home from school! When asked how his day was he typically replies,
"I don't remember, but we had cookies for a snack!"
You can replace cookies with other snacks on any given day:/

Bring on Spring...pretty please!
Cookie sheets full of dry oatmeal have replaced
the sandbox out back for the current time. I have
learned that *this* keeps Parker and Garrett
content for HOURS!

Lately, Eric has been deserting me at night for his "toys"...
he has been spending his free nights working on 2 snowmobiles
and a dirt bike. All I see is a mess, but it is "home" to him!

Thank goodness for morning coffee...enough said!


mustangkayla said...

Love all of your pictures. The foam stickers in the dump truck crack me up! I'm sure that will be a scene at our house soon! My hubby is the same way, but with his old truck. I wonder if he loves it more than me

jenney said...

I'm so proud of you for doing so great with this!! Love the flip-flop picture. =)


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