Monday, February 2, 2009

Kalahari Water Park & Resort 2009

Over the weekend we took the kids to Kalahari Water Park & Resort...we had a BLAST!!! The last time we were there Garrett was a mere 3 weeks old and since that time the water park has nearly doubled in size! This was our first overnight trip with all three kiddos and honestly I was a tad bit worried. However, it went very smoothly (thank goodness for small favors)!

I took an overwhelming amount of pictures...enjoy some of my favorites!

Eric and Garrett...Garrett was somewhat timid
at first, but quickly discovered what he liked (warmer water)
and did not like (colder water)

Parker was NOT a fan of the standing below
the HUGE bucket that drenched
guests with an unbelievable amount of water!

The Wave Pool was a HUGE hit with the boys!

Hold on tight!!!!

Yes, the little guy got in on the action too!

Ryder spent some time in the Wave Pool as well...
he was so cute in his little life jacket!

They have an AWESOME play area for
toddlers and little kids...both Parker and Garrett were
fans of the water slides. PS-Ryder went down on
Daddy's lap a few times too:)

Parker enjoying the water spouts!

A happy little Ryder in one of the swings!

It's all good Mommy!

The Tree Top Play Area...tons of fun for the kiddos (and adults too!).
Mommy didn't have a panic attack this time (woohoo)!!!!

Holy cow...a Tiger ate Parker!

A great way to end an exhausting day...
they are too cute together!

Garrett back at it the next morning

A larger shot of the Wave Pool

I loved watching Parker and Garrett interact
together. I caught them holding hands, following one another,
and generally enjoying the other's company on more than one
occasion! It was a really sweet site to see:)

Garrett getting a cuddle from Daddy

Ryder LOVED his time in the water too...he was such
a good sport!

Two little buddies


Sheri said...

Great pics!!! I wish we had indoor places like that here. Apparently, people don't think a warm climate needs indoor pools. Um, it isn't hot ALL year here people. :(

Oh, I tagged you. Go see my blog.

jenney said...

This looks like so much fun!!! I'm totally jealous that ya'll have such a great place to go. That pic of Ryder looking up at you from the swing is my fave! So sweet!

KariAnnS said...

Those are great photos!! You guys had a blast!! I can't wait to see them on pages :)

Sara (Hostage Negotiation) said...

You've inspired me. I might actually agree to a family vacation now! ;) Water + kids = panic for this woman! Glad you had so much fun!


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