Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Parker...Our Special Valentine

Today, we celebrate our first son's 5th Birthday! Five years ago Eric and I were given the GREATEST Valentine's gift of all time...a baby. Five years ago we became first time parents to a beautiful baby boy we named Parker Ryan.

On Friday, February 13th I was induced with Parker due to preeclampsia. We had our camera with us, but honestly taking pictures was the last thought on our minds. I was one sick cookie and we were worried about our baby who was about to be born earlier than "expected". I believe Eric took one lone picture after Parker was delivered, but it is not an acceptable picture to display on the Internet. I cannot begin to describe how much I treasure these two photos the NICU nurses took of Parker. Once I delivered Parker we were apart for three days, but for those three days these photos remained by my bedside. I showed these photos to any and all visitors I had in the hospital. During those few days while family members made their way down the hall to my see my sweet baby I held these two photos so tight. Looking back I realize how fortunate we were at the time...that Parker's struggles were minor compared to what other babies/parents are faced with. Five years later I understand we may have gotten off to a rocky start, but we are so blessed today. Today, Parker and I are both healthy and together.

Parker Ryan
February 14, 2004
1:13 am
7lbs 3 oz 20.5 inches long

5 Memories About the Day Parker Was Born

1. We had an overwhelming amount of love and support from family and friends throughout my ENTIRE labor and delivery. The waiting room was packed and after I delivered Parker my OBGYN thanked my grandma for coming to the "party".

2. I felt completely at peace when my OBGYN suggested a C-Section after 18 hours of intense back labor and 2 hours of pushing. I was NOT at peace when the ENTIRE medical staff (I am talking a good 10-12 people) then promptly left to set up the Operating Room and my husband suggested he leave as well. Eric had good intentions as he wanted to inform our family that we would now be delivering via C-Section. However, at the time when my legs remained in stir-ups, I was still feeling the strong urge to push, and I had no pain medication I DID NOT want to be alone. Our family could wait (no offense!).

3. I was in complete shock how quickly Parker was pulled from my "womb" once I was in the OR...seriously, it was lightening fast and not what I expected. Immediately, Parker began to cry upon entering this crazy world. The doctor announced he had lots of dark hair and I was one happy Mama! I caught a quick glimpse of Parker (so quick that I do not recall our first glance, but Eric insists that I did indeed lay my eyes on our child)...and with that Parker was taken to the NICU. I recall Eric asking if he should go with Parker or stay with me. My mothering instincts kicked in right away and I told him to follow our baby! Unfortunately, it was Eric's task to make sure the doctor did not leave behind any "extras" in my body (uh-huh, this was a discussion we had!). With Eric now gone I stood up for myself and asked my OBGYN if he had left any instruments in me. He laughed and told me I watched too much TV...true, but fast forward to Garrett's delivery and a sponge went missing!

4. The neonatologist that took care of Parker was extremely gentle, kind, AND was born on Valentine's Day too!

5. Approximately 8 hours after delivering Parker I questioned Eric as to whether or not he had given the hospital staff our son's name. He told me "yes" and wondered why I asked. Under the influence of heavy drugs, I suggested we name our son (now a Valentine's Day baby)...Parker "Love" Lindsay. I am 100% certain Eric thought I was nuts! Can you blame him?!

5 Fun Facts About Parker

1. Crawled at 5 months (towards my flip flop of all things!)
2. Walked at 8 months
3. Finally, slept through the night at 18 months
4. Used a "Binky" until the age of 3...his "final" Binky was pink and had a hole in it
5. Learned to ride both his bicycle and dirt bike without training wheels at age 4

5 Random Bits of Info About Parker
1. He took great naps as a baby! He laid on my chest and we napped together on the couch often that first year (it was heavenly and I miss those days!!!!).
2. Parker LOVED his Sesame Street 25th Anniversary video as a baby. He would sit in his bouncer seat, rub his little ankles together, and get so excited!!!
3. He had surgery to correct a hydrocele at the age of 14 months (one of the most nerve wrecking days of my life!).
4. He began looking at Eric's dirt bike magazines around 18 months of age and has been toting them around sense.
5. He loves to eat, eat, and eat! Seriously, I have no idea how he stays so thin! Then again, if I had half of his energy I would be super skinny too;)

5 Favorites at Age 5 (as told by Parker)
1. Kung Fu Panda (despite the fact he has yet to see the movie)
2. The color yellow
3. Cereal
4. Free time at school
5. Wal-Mart

5 Reasons To Love Parker

1. His dark hair and blue eyes...I find this combination rare and so striking! This is one of the same traits I love about Eric;) When we learned we were having a boy I longed for a dark hair/blue eyed baby boy...wish granted.
2. His smile...Parker's smile lights up a room. It is big. It is sincere. It is contagious! When I see him smile I want to smile. It is a beautiful thing!
3. His hugs...Parker loves to hug and show affection. He gives his hugs freely throughout the day. I cherish those hugs!
4. He is a great big brother...I love to watch Parker interact with his younger brothers. Garrett follows Parker from room to room...they play together, they fight, and they get into trouble together. Ryder's eyes sparkle when he sees Parker and often I find him attempting to gain Parker's attention.
5. His energy...Eric says he has more energy than any 5 kids combined should have. I am thankful Parker wants to get up and go. He wants to move. He wants to play and he wants to have a good time. Can we always keep up? No, but we try;)

5 of My Favorite Pictures of Parker

February 2005 1 year old

February 2006 2 years old

October 2006 2 1/2 years old

September 2007 3 years old

September 2008 4 years old

Today, I celebrate Parker's 5th birthday! I celebrate who he is and greatly look forward to what he becomes!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Valentine!


Sara (Hostage Negotiation) said...

Oh, how sweet! I love that muddy face pic. Such a boy. Happy Birthday, Parker!

Whine and Cheese said...

Awwwww! This brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing this!

Happy Birthday Parker!

jenney said...

Aw, look how much he's grown!! Happy Birthday, Parker!!


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