Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009...Spreading the Love

I will freely admit I enjoy Valentine's Day! Since the birth of Parker we have not only celebrated his birthday, but also our love for one another as a family.

This year, I found the perfect card for our little Ryder (aka our little frog)!
I scored this card at the Dollar Spot at Target (love, love, love that section).

The boys and I worked together to make decorations to hang around the house...

Garrett and I constructed the paper chain one morning
while Parker was at school and Ryder was napping.

A variety of hearts greet our "guests" at the back door.

Two cute hearts made with love...Parker's heart is on the right and
Garrett's on the left.

I found these super cute robot cookies at Target for the older two boys.
FYI...they tasted AWFUL!!!

The boys were super excited to wake up to
a dining room table full of Valentine's goodies.
The confetti was not one of my most well thought
out ideas considering Ryder crawls all around
. Ooops!

Parker and Garrett each received a bag filled with
stickers, candy, little note pads (something they treasure lately),
a hot wheels car, new coloring book, and a few other small gifts.

I love Garrett's bedhead!

Typically, I am not a huge fan of stuffed animals. However,
it was Ryder's first Valentine's Day and I could not resist the urge to find
him something soft and fuzzy;)

No need to take the wrapper off!

Finally, as a family we sat down to a breakfast of heart shaped pancakes...

They went from this... this!
Super simple? Yes, but the boys LOVED 'em!

We hope all of you had an enjoyable day as well!!!

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Sara (Hostage Negotiation) said...

How fun! I always forget Tabitha is at the "I can crawl & eat things stage", too. LOL


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