Monday, August 25, 2008

Been Busy

Journaling reads: "Does he have hair?" I jokingly asked my OBGYN. "Yes, he has hair...lots of it actually...and it's dark," she replied. These were the words exchanged between myself and Dr. Morelli following your birth. I was shocked! When Parker was born he had a head full of dark hair too. I "expected" his head of hair though. I had horrible heartburn during my pregnancy with Parker and according to old wives tales that indicated my baby would be blessed with lots of hair. Then we were pregnant with Garrett and I had zero heartburn. He came out with some peach fuzz at best and it was light in color. Hmmmm...that was new! Throughout my pregnancy with you I had zero heartburn yet again (Amen). I fully expected another peach fuzz baby when you were born. When you arrived with tons of dark hair...well, I was shocked. I was pleasantly shocked though...I adore your full head of hair. A closer look at you revealed hair on your shoulders, down your arms, above your little tush, and you have real sideburns! You are my little monkey and I love it. You make a cute little monkey...besides I was born a monkey too:)

Journaling reads: "Oh wow...look at those eyes!" People are in love with your BIG eyes little boy. You definitely inherited your mommy's BIG eyes and it was obvious from day one. I am hoping for my first brown eyed little boy appears as though my wish may be granted! You are simply beautiful my sweet little Ryder. Mommy loves you!!!!

A few cards I made for a challenge at Scrap4Life.

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I love these pages!!!!


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