Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Dirtbike Kids

You may recall that we purchased Parker his first dirtbike for his 2nd birthday. Yes, we bought our 2 year old a gas powered dirtbike. Eric approached me on the subject during my c-section with Garrett. Under the influence of drugs I agreed to buying him a thinking on Eric's behalf LOL!

Parker was more than thrilled to receive his dirtbike, but for the past 2 years he has not spent much time riding his dirtbike. Two weeks ago that all we have a hard time getting him off of it. He has worn a track in the grass of our "smaller" yard and spends continuous hours on his beloved bike. Yesterday, in an effort to give Parker more ample room to ride his bike we took the boys out to Grandpa Scott and Grandma Sheila's house. Parker had a blast riding his dirtbike in a wide open area and Garrett caught a few rides with daddy as well.

We plan on getting Parker an actual dirtbike helmet and full set of gear for his 5th birthday...he is going to love it!!!!

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Laura said...

I am also surrounded by boys, we only have two, but that still makes me outnumbered. I totally understand the male mentality on subjects of activities suitable for little boys...they are usually right which gives us not a leg to stand on when we question! Looks like they love the dirtbikes!


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