Monday, August 25, 2008

Crop Layouts

Scrap4Life hosted a "Back to School" cybercrop over the weekend and the challenges were right up my alley. I completed 10 layouts and 2 cards-woohoo!!!!

Journaling reads: You are so excited every day to show me what you made at school. Together we love getting in your backpack and seeing what treasures it holds. You love craft time and your teacher picks out some cool projects.

Journaling reads: Kersten Korner's Preschool, Monday & Wednesday, Teacher-Miss Barb, Favorites-snack time, playing with the train, arts & crafts, playing outside, Fall 2007

This next layout took me away from my comfort zone. We were challenged to scrap school photos of our children or ourselves. I embraced the challenge and actually scrapped photos of myself. What?! Since the birth of Parker all of my layouts have featured our boys. Lately I have been finding myself wanting to scrap pictures of myself, Eric, and other family members. When my boys are grown, have children of their own, and eventually grandchildren I want all of them to know where they came from. I want them to have stories and pictures to look back look for more layouts such a this one in the future. It will be fun to incorporate some pink on my pages too LOL:)

Journaling reads: It's my time to shine. 13 years of education and now I'm ready world. Watch out- here I come!!!! *Photos are from Kindergarten and a couple of my Senior Pictures.

A layout of Eric and I...what a treasure:)

Journaling reads: We have been married 4 years. We are blessed with 2 little boys. We are grateful for wonderful friends & family. We are ready to start looking for our second home. We enjoy watching movies once the boys go to bed. We still make each other laugh. We live for date night. We are celebrating Steve & Jenny's Wedding. June 2007

Journaling reads: "Hey mom...take a picture of me. I look so cool in my goggles!" Parker Ryan...Age 4 July 2008

Journaling reads: at one you loves blues clues, eat lots of goldfish, sleep in a toddler bed, nap 2x a day, play with blocks, adore your papa, still let mommy rock you, and think mammy's dogs are great. *This is a scraplift from my friend Jenney.

It was so much fun to work with these pictures of myself (pictures are me at 3 months, 6 months, and 13 months). Our challenge was to journal about the meaning of our name or how we got our name. If you look at the bottom left picture it is Ryder in a dress (according to Eric). No, seriously we could be the same baby.

Journaling reads: Behind the name Kelly Jo...when my mom became pregnant with her first child she decided her first child would be named Kelly (regardless of the sex) after her maiden name of "Kelley". Her second child would be Jerry (again regardless of sex) after my dad "Jerry". Their first born was a little girl and merely 10 1/2 months a little boy named Jerry was welcomed home by his "Big" sister. "Jo" is after my parent's cat at the dad could never recall the cat's name. "Bob? Jo?," he would call. I think I make a better Kelly Jo than I would have a Jerry Bob.

Journaling reads: She loves entertaining. You could say I am somewhat obsessed with hosting our friends and family at our home. There is always a need to have a "party"...birthday parties, baby showers, backyard bbq's, or holidays. If a month has passed since our last party I will look for a reason to entertain. Theme parties are my "speciality"...luaus, Mexican Fiestas, Red/White/Blue, or Let's Go on a Safari. Our guests have come to request my pasta salad, deviled eggs, brownies, and delicious dips. Come on in...our door is always open.


Lelia said...

Dang, woman! I'm impressed! I'd pick a favorite, but I just can't choose. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself at S4L.

Jenney said...

Way to go, girl!!! You got a TON of layouts done!!!! Awesome!!


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