Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Q&A With My 8 Year Old!!!

*Birthday questionnaire can be found here*


Happy 8th birthday, my (always and forever) special Valentine!  Your dad and I are blessed to call you our oldest son.  With the passing of each year, you continue to truly amaze me with your knowledge and eagerness to learn.  Your smile and laughter brightens each of my days.  As you continue to grow and spread your wings, I am thankful to share with you your unique journey through life.  May your 8th birthday be GRAND...full of surprises, hugs, and sincere love!  Happy Birthday!

Love Always,


mustangkayla said...

I just pinned that list earlier today! I want to do it with Maddy asap! Your layout is fantastic! Love the design!

Shanna said...

Absolutely love reading this! I did this for Kait's birthday...I still have to print it up though. :) I hope he had a wonderful day!!

Melonie said...

Kelly that is a fantastic LO! I haven't been by in a few days so I am not sure when you "redecorated" but wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this new blog look. Fantastic!

jenney said...

Too cute!!


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