Friday, February 17, 2012

Door Turned Coat Rack

As a mom to four young boys, living in a small-ish (for our family) 3 bedroom/1 bath home, one of my biggest struggles is home organization.  The lack of a proper place for coats/backpacks/shoes/hats/gloves/etc has been a source of frustration for the hubby and I in the last year (ahem, or since moving in).

A few weeks ago, as I was blow drying my hair, I was dreaming of our "upcoming" bathroom remodel.  My eyes fell upon our beat up, chipped paint, and abnoxiously oversized doors hanging from our waste of unused space (yet, ideal for hide-n-seek) bathroom closet.  1...2...3...4 I counted.  4 cut out panels I counted on each door.  4!  Hey, I have 4 kids!  The wheels began turning in my head and cha-ching...I can turn that door into a coat rack for the kids!  It will be perfect for the mudroom!  With a quick okay from the hubby, I got to work that weekend creating this....     

...that started out as this....

It may be difficult to tell in the photo, but the door started off cream in color prior to my re purpose.  I desired a white coat rack with a distressed finish to it.  An initial sanding on my part then lead to the hubby filling the hole left by the knob and a few cracks (not too many I warned him...remember, distressed!).  Another round of sanding entered, followed by 3 (or 4) coats of white paint I had on hand, and I was ready for the final round of sanding to show wear and tear.  I focused on the edges and grooves; however, the entire piece received a good sanding .  I still wanted a little more.  A little more aging.  A little more distressed.  I pulled out some brown acrylic paint from my stash and mixed a dallop with a good amount of water.  Using a cloth rag, I lightly brushed my glaze a top the entire door.  I did not allow my watered down paint to sit long, quickly wiping off the excess with the dry part of my rag. 

My favorite part of this project are the charming!  They were a steal with a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby.  The wooden numbers were purchased at Michaels and simply spray painted black.  Adhering them to the door was easy peasy via double sided tape.

Here is a quick look at the shelf previously hanging on the mudroom wall.  Not very functional due to it's size.  The shelf along with the bench have made their way to my SIL's house.  I am intending to purchase a new piece of furniture to house shoes, gloves, etc during an upcoming trip to IKEA.  The indoor/outdoor carpet no longer exists as well thanks to the hubby! 

Have a great weekend!  Any planned projects?  I *may* take to painting two pieces of furniture for my scrap area.  The kiddos have a four day weekend...hoping to fit some fun into our time off!


mustangkayla said...

I love it Kelly! I working on something sorta similar. I am just waiting for warmer weather to spray paint!

~jan said...

OMGosg Kelly! This is such a great example of re-purposing! You are one creative chick!

Lelia said...

Do you have any idea how cool you are????? Genius, I'm telling ya.

BTW, I'm uber jealous of your mudroom!

Melonie said...

Oh I love that!! Great job:)


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