Saturday, July 9, 2011

Silver Lake Trip 2011...Part 3

Let me begin by saying I continue to appreciate your thoughtful comments and prayers as we continue to grieve the loss of my friend and her children.  With her birthday quickly approaching, my emotions are all over the place.  My blog has somewhat become a place for me to release those emotions.  Thank you!

The final "full" day of our Silver Lake trip was perhaps the best.  I am not one to tell people what to do with their money; however, if you ever find yourself in Mears, MI stop by Mac Wood's Dune Rides.  People of all ages will truly enjoy the 7 mile, 40 minute ride aboard a sand scooter.  I best equate it to a mild mannered roller coaster via sand.  The drivers are both humorous and knowledgeable making this ride a MUST!   

Two nearby sand scooters and a fantastic view...

Two of my favorite photos from our ride....

Loved these two signs found on our ride!

During the ride, you are given a chance to stop on the shores of Lake Michigan for photos and to explore.  Don't you love the big chair?  I have enough boys to fill it!!!

We managed to get a lone family photo during our stay...wind blown hair, squinty eyes, and all!

Following nap time for the bitties and an exhausted Mommy and Garrett, we joined everyone for a great afternoon at the beach.  The boys were beyond happy to play in the sand and swim!

Parker...Eric & Hudson

Ryder is slightly obsessed with boats right now.  Much of his play time involves towing a boat with a truck just as his daddy does. 

Fun in the sun!

A happy little Hudson!

Eric's parents rented a couple of jet skis for the "older" boys to play around on...our three older boys got a quick ride as well.

....and with that Ryder is now begging for a jet ski!

Garrett got a ride from Uncle Steven

Later that evening, with the bitties fast asleep, we took Parker and Garrett to play mini golf and ride go-karts.  Needless to say, they loved every minute of it!  I failed to take my camera, but rather just enjoyed being with my boys and not behind the lens. 

I wish I could say our ride home the following day was lovely; however, Hudson's face below is the best representation of our ride... 

Minus the driving, our trip was (overall) fantastic and we fared much better with camping than we have in the past.  We have a couple more camping reservations made for the remainder of the summer...let the fun continue!


shelly said...

what a Blast!!!! We took a vaca to Grand Rapids when Riley was a little younger than Hudson...all I remember was the little stinker constantly eating sand (and Jamie bound and determined to "pork me a seagull"...Thank God he never got close to the birds!)

Melonie said...

Fantastic pics...especially loving that family pic...squinty eyes and all:)

~jan said...

More wonderful photos! We've done the Mac Woods thing and they are so fun! :) Looks like a lot of fun was had by all, well maybe not Hudson on the way home....


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