Thursday, July 7, 2011

Silver Lake Trip 2011...Part 2

We were blessed with absolutely beautiful weather during our stay at Silver Lake.  The forecast called for rain and possible severe storms on Monday (Eric's 33rd birthday); however, we were spared with only a few sprinkles hitting us.  We spent the earlier part of our day making a quick trip to a nearby Wal-Mart and finding a great deal on firewood.  A few miles away from the state park we were staying at is Cherry Point Farm and Market...they have the BEST Cherry Pie and Cherry Strudels.  We were sure to pick up one of each for Eric's birthday; however, also found ourselves at Whippy Dip for ice cream later that evening.  Whippy Dip has been a family favorite of Eric's family for years.  The ice cream is fantastic and (as a mom) I love the on site playground for the kiddos, too!

Upon putting Hudson to bed for the evening and Eric's mom offering to sit with him at our camper, we headed out for a late night boat ride.  It was a last minute decision (of mine) to ask Eric's younger brother to tow our boat during his drive.  I hate to brag (okay, not really); however, it was a great decision!  We were able to easily shutter us and Eric's family across the lake to the dunes and beautiful beach.  Eric's younger brother and his friend spent a fair amount of time fishing from it as well.  Score one for mommy!  

Three of my little boaters...

Silver Lake at sunset with the dunes in the background...beautiful!  The dunes are amazing and unless you see them in person it's hard to envision the true magnitude of them.  I will tell you that our older two boys climbed the highest hill over and over and over.  It is certainly no easy feat!  Personally, I found the time to climb them once. 

Our niece, Garrett, Parker, and Ryder making their way up....

Garrett, Eric, and Ryder making their way back down.  Thankfully, Eric did not break a leg (or arm) during his antics!

Enter a couple of random photos...

Is he not just a picture of pure perfection?!!!!

Mommy and her three older boys before they headed out for a boat ride with Eric.  Hudson was peacefully napping at this point.  As he napped I took the time to edit and organize photos on my laptop.  Pure bliss!

The following day, we rented a Jeep to ride the dunes.  Atop the dunes you will find dirt bikes, 4 Wheelers, Sand Rails, Jeeps, Trucks, and even "daily drivers".  Eric had intended to have his Geo Tracker completed prior to our trip, but alas it was not ready in time.  The Jeep comfortably fit five of us.  We opted to have Hudson ride with Eric's parents to keep the bickering to a minimum.  Eric and the older boys loved the Jeep.  Even little Hudson could be found laughing from the safety of his car seat.  As for me?  In due time I had a pounding head ache and felt the need to vomit. 

Photo as we rode along the dunes....

Two of my happy "boys"

Love, love, LOVE this photo.  Upon making your way across the dunes, you find yourself on the shores of Lake Michigan.  The crashing of the waves, sweet air, and breeze are heavenly. 

Parker and Garrett would have to agree with their Mommy...they love the beach! 

Hudson was a big fan as well.  My mom joked that one day we will have to get a photo of Hudson throwing Eric into the air.  At the rate Hudson is growing, that may be possible in only a few years.  Ha!

Upon returning to our vehicles (and additional time on the dunes), my head ache and need to vomit returned.  My family offered to drop me back off the beach while they continued with their fun.  I happily agreed.  With time to myself, my thoughts turned to those of my dear friend and her children (as they often do when I encounter alone time).  Many people have let me know I cannot dwell on the what if's, should have been's, etc.  While I understand these people mean well with their comments, simply put that is not me.  Personally, I have shared endless conversations with my friend pertaining to not only her future, but that of her children as well.  Those discussions are embedded in my mind.  In my heart.  As I listened to the crashing waves and stared at the blue sky scattered with gorgeous, silky, white clouds my heart began to ache.  Taken at such a young age, I began to think of the abundant places here on Earth they will never encounter.  A piece of them will forever be in my heart; therefore, they are always with me.  With a stick in my hand, I began writing their names in the sand...making their presence known.  True, the waves have long carried their names away.  However, they were there.  With me.  They will always be with me...with my family...and on our travels.  I will continue to embed their names on the sands we walk and make their presence known. 

Coming Soon...Part 3 of our trip...the final part!
I have so many photos to share and thought it best to split our days up.


mustangkayla said...

What great photos! Bummer the Jeep ride didn't sit well with you! :-( *hugs* about your friend and her children. My aunt and uncle were taken suddenly over 15 years ago and I still have sad days where I think of them and do the what-ifs also! Hang in there...hopefully the sad days become further apart as time goes one!

patti west said...

So loving your vacation photos and commentary! It's very nice to see a photo of you - since you are always behind the camera. ;) Wicked cool sand dunes!! Sorry you had such a bad headache - hope it only lasted that one day. Thanks for sharing it all! :)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like there were lots of ups and a few downs. I know that Dawn and her kids are with you in your heart. Keep their memories close to you.

KariAnnS said...

I'm still thinking about you daily. You feel how you feel and that is 100% ok. Do what you need to do without regret or justification!

Jenn Jenn said...

Your family is so blessed!!!!


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