Sunday, June 19, 2011

This and That

  • Earlier this week marked two months since the death of my dearest friend and her three young children.  In many ways the last 2 months have appeared never boundless stream of painful and heart wrenching days.  I find myself keeping our calendar full in an attempt to ensure each day passes quickly. In doing so I pray that a strenuous schedule will leave little time for my mind to wander; therefore, a complete break down will not overcome me.  Some days are better than others; however, each day I find myself stricken with grief and most days anger as well.  The tragedy that took place is unbelievable.  Unthinkable.  I keep expecting to one day wake up and realize that the last two months have been nothing more than a nightmare.  As I continue to mourn, I also give thanks for a sincere friendship that now leaves me with beautiful memories.   
  • We are busily (see above) marking items off our Summer To-Do list with trips to both Cedar Point and Kalahari last weekend.  My mom gifted our three older boys with Season Passes to Cedar Point for their birthdays; therefore, leaving Eric and I responsible for only our own passes.  The boys had a wonderful time last Saturday evening and we are looking forward to additional trips this season.  Our overnight stay at Kalahari went much better than last years.  Honestly, that says quite a bit considering Ryder began puking three hours into our stay this year.  

  • Our T-Ball season is well under way with only two remaining games.  Coaching has been entertaining to say the least (and has tested my patience at times), but I could not be prouder of my team.  Garrett has a mighty fine swing on him and Parker does an excellent job fielding the ball.  Together, they would make one heck of a player! 

  • I rarely post photos of myself, but I am sporting a new (5 inches) shorter haircut in the above photos.  Since these photos I have also colored said haircut black.  Oddly enough, in doing so I have a strong desire to start sporting red lipstick!
  • After 5+ years of having two (various) kids in diapers at any given time we are down to one little dude in diapers.  To say potty training Ryder has been a breeze is an understatement.  There were no bribes.  No prodding.  No accidents.  No potty seat and/or chair.  As with most things with Ryder PT'ing was on his own terms.  His own way.  Approximately 4 weeks ago he woke up, put on undies himself, and literally that was it.  He has no fears of public restrooms (still debating as to whether that is a good thing) compared to his older brothers at his age.  I am hoping he will train Hudson when the time is right!
  • Speaking of Hudson, he is a running, teething, chatty, curly haired bundle of energy.  With all of the boys I have always enjoyed the first summer after they have learned to walk.  An amazing world is at their feet waiting to be explored and I love watching Hudson take it all in.


shelly said...

Love your pictures---looks like you've had a great summer so far!

Still praying comfort and healing for you!!!! ((hugs))

Melonie said...

LOVE the new pics of you and the boys!
Hoping that you will continue to find comfort in your memories of your friend and be kind to yourself during the healing process. Just remember it is normal to feel a range of emotions and allow yourself as much time as you need. (((HUGS)))

~jan said...

Time is both a friend and an enemy, isnt it? I hope you can find some peace, although given the circumstances it may be hard to find. Hugs to you, my friend.

Your photos are wonderful and the new do is fab-love that you want to wear red lipstick! :)


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