Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 Parents+4 Kiddos+Indoor Waterpark=Adventure

Last weekend we made our first trip to Kalahari as a family of six. The indoor water park and resort, located in Sandusky, Ohio, is approximately thirty minutes away from our home. Sandusky is "home" to two additional indoor water parks as well. However, Kalahari is by far our family favorite!

We first stayed at Kalahari when Garrett was three weeks old. Our family thought we were crazy taking a three week old to a water park. Indeed, we were on the receiving end of a few "Are you kidding me!" stares from other resort visitors. Personally, I sported a bathing suit three weeks postpartum. Insane!

Our most recent trip was truly an adventure (or crazy...your call). Let's break it down...2 parents...4 kiddos (6 and under)...3 kiddos who are fearless of water...acres of water fun...thousands of people. Yea, let's go with crazy!

Last weekend's stay was brought about via a fundraiser for our school district (awesome room rates with part of the proceeds going towards our district). Many local families took advantage of the great deal and the older two boys ran into a few of their school friends. Garrett, as it turns out, is a little social butterfly. My mouth literally dropped when he ventured away from Parker (his best buddy...his idol) and veered towards his preschool pals.

Did the kiddos have fun? Most certainly! Did Eric and I? Yes and no. It was great to get away as a family. As always, it was wonderful to see our kiddos laughing and having fun. Honestly, it was also the first time I somewhat regretted our decision to have four kiddos so close in age. As a parent, it was beyond stressful. Yet, we managed. A smile escaped now and then from Eric and I's face, between moments of sheer terror. We arrived with four kiddos. We departed with (the same) four kiddos. Victory!

The scrapbooker in me had to take some photos (you know, to add to the stress). They are not too shabby considering they were taken with one hand, I had Hudson strapped to me, and I was attempting to protect my 5th baby (aka my DSLR) from massive amounts of water.

Parker in the wave pool

Garrett enjoying the wave pool as well

Eric and Ryder...Little Dude did his absolute BEST to keep up with his big brothers. He is a force to be reckoned with!

Fun for all in the kiddie area

Swimming and slides for Garrett

Parker and Ryder getting in on the action, too

Eric took the older two boys on a family ride. They loved it. I listened to Ryder ask for 45 minutes where his daddy and "boys" were. It was awesome!

This photo makes me laugh and reminds me that all of the stress was worth it


Stephanie said...

Looks and sounds like fun! Great pictures (as always!)

shelly said...

We only have 3, but I can tell you that it Does Get Better!!! Our youngest is 6---now everyone can tote their own weight, I don't have to worry too much about them wandering off and outings are really quite enjoyable :) hang in there! Your boys will be the best of friends and if all else fails just remember my mantra...only 14 more years till empty nest! (You are welcome to insert your own E.N. Date!)

{the card family} said...

Looking back the boys are never going to remember the 'stress'... they probably didn't even notice it now, but they will remember the fun times that you and Eric provided them! regrets momma!

~jan said...

How fun! When you have little ones, stress & fun are synonymous. ;)


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