Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Before bed last night, the older boys reminded that little Leprechauns caused chaos in our house last year.  They were certain they would be back again this year.  Sure thing...they came!  I should have warned Eric of the chaos as he came home from work early this morning and was alarmed by the state of our house.  Upon seeing a shoe hanging from our Dining Room chandelier he was clued into what was going on!
  • Monday was my 32nd birthday.  32 years old!  Eric and I spent the morning at the dentist getting our teeth cleaned.  I also got fitted for my whitening trays (yea!).  While the older two boys were at school and we had sitters (yes, plural) for the bitties we took advantage of our time alone and headed out for an early lunch.  It was nice to enjoy a cocktail at 11am on a weekday.  From there, we headed to the jewelers where I picked out a gorgeous diamond bracelet.  Thank you, honey for the extra bling!
  • My shopping trip last week was a BLAST!!!  Between driving, shopping, and dining out it was a fun filled 12 hours.  We spent almost 5 hours in Ikea (is that a record?!).  My motto that day was "If you don't love it...don't get it!".  Unfortunately for the pocket book, I loved a lot (though, I still managed to stay under my budget).  I passed on the nightstands for the boys (did not LOVE 'em); however, I could not be more pleased with our dining room chairs and my new bookcase.  I picked up some great items for our upcoming Kitchen re-model as well.  I am already at work saving for our next trip...
  • I registered Garrett for Kindergarten screening this morning.  He is beyond eager to attend the same school as Parker next year. Speaking of Garrett, he told one of his preschool teachers that he loved her yesterday.  It made her day.  It made my heart swell with pride as he is so raw with his feelings!
  • I recently listed a few items on Craigslist.  Last night, I received two phone calls for one of the items between 11pm and Midnight.  For Pete's sake!  I was taught not to call anyone (outside of family) after 9pm.  
  • Last Friday, we (finally) took Parker and his buddies (plus a couple of brothers) bowling for his 7th birthday.  8 little boys.  Honestly, it could not have went better!  They were so well behaved.  The highlight of the night was Parker thanking and hugging Eric and I (without any prompting) while we were bowling.  It was one of those moments when I felt like we were doing something right as parents.  
  • Our temps are going to be in the 60's today.  Can I get an Amen?!!!!  I cannot wait to take my entire crew out for a walk after school this afternoon.
  • Hudson turned one year old almost a month ago and I have yet to take his one year photos.  If his nose is no longer crusted over (yes, he is sick...again) I plan to take them this weekend.  Fingers crossed!
  • Ryder's hair is growing back out.  Thank goodness!  We had it cut shorter than normal last time.  I am fairly certain there are no two parents on this earth who fret and fuss over the hair of four boys more than Eric and I.  All those in favor of bringing back Ryder's shaggy look raise their hands.  Do you see Eric and I frantically jumping about waving our hands?
      Here is to wishing we could all find the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow today!


Misty said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you had a nice time. Hope you get out and enjoy some sunshine.

BTW, I am so jealous of the whitening trays. I want some! :)

~jan said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly! Hope you were spoiled sufficiently! :) Your IKEA trip sounded wonderful! I totally get the whole "hair thing"-Im still like that with my boys!


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