Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Lil Buddy

This is why I stories do not go untold. 

I will freely admit that when I first began scrapbooking there was NO journaling on my layouts.  My earlier pages consisted of nothing more than photos and a massive amount of stickers.  Now, when I look at those layouts I sigh.  Not because of my earlier technique (or lack thereof), but because there is no meaning behind my layouts.  My earlier layouts did not tell a story.  My story.  My thoughts.  The story of my kiddos.  Our family.  I began journaling on my layouts about four years ago...perhaps only a few words or at other times an important story that NEEDS to be told.  I have a new appreciation for my layouts now that they include words and I pray that one day my children will thank me for that.

I completed the above layout last week.  I needed to do this layout last week.  For me.  For the young boy in the photo.  For the handsome gentleman standing next to him.  Garrett is standing next to my Papa (my maternal grandfather) in the photo above.  From the day I was born, he has been a strong influence in my life.  Our relationship has always consisted of love, support, and mutual respect.  He and my grandmother are truly one in a million.  I am beyond blessed that they have played a huge role in my childhood and now in my adult life.  My boys have an amazing relationship with them as well.  A relationship that many children do not have with their great-grandparents.  Indeed, we are all blessed!

Currently, my Papa is struggling with his health.  He has for years; however, he is strong.  Both in body and mind.  We have reached the point where surgery or treatment will no longer fix him.  I knew this day was inevitable; however, it saddens me nonetheless.  Thankfully, after a recent hospitalization Papa is now home.  He is doing well and looks wonderful.  Who knows what the coming days and months will bring.  In the meantime, our family will continue to cherish each and every moment spent with Papa.             


Shanna said...

Such great way to imprint the moment in the boys' lives! Continued prayers for you all! Enjoy each and every moment~

mustangkayla said...

Your journaling and post brought tears to my eyes! How truly blessed you are! LOVE the design of your layout, I see a scraplift in my future! Love the banner and journaling!

Misty said...

This is so sweet!

~jan said...

You and your boys are truly blessed! This layout is a grand tribute to the simple things in life-family and love!

Mel said...

Ok Kelly this post has me in tears. LOVE that you got this down on paper for your boys and I am head over heals in love with the colors and design you used. FANTASTIC LO for so many reasons!

Rachel said...

So glad you have those photographs to capture those special memories! Wonderful to have a relationship like that with your grandpa!


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