Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today the boys and I are in survival mode.  Pure and simple.

Eric is working 12 hour nights.

Two of the kiddos are sick.  

Hudson is downright miserable.  It pains me to see him so unhappy.

Mommy is running on two hours of sleep.  Can I get coffee via an IV drip, please?!!!

Today, the laundry will wait.

Today, the house will remain in it's current cluttered state.

We may bathe.  We may not.  It depends how much snot is spread on small bodies.

As of now, Hudson is FINALLY resting.  I want to join him.  Badly.  

Alas, the older dudes need lunch.  



Shanna said...

)))HUGS!!!((( Hang in there...It will be over before you know it! If anyone can stay sane, it is you :)

Misty said...

Aaw! I'm sorry. Wish I could help give you some relief.

~jan said...

Sorry to hear the sickies have invaded your house, Kelly! I hope you all got some good rest last night and are on the way to feeling betteer today! Hugs!

Sarah said...

Feel better. We were like that yesterday as well. My house looks like a war zone but who cares...

mustangkayla said...

Oh goodness! Hang in there... and BIG **HUGS**!!!! I'd say send a few my way if I was closer!


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