Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Someone Please Remind Me...

Christmas is getting the best of me this year.  Perhaps it is the addition of a fourth child into the mix (no offense, Hudsey baby)?  Maybe it is lack of sleep?  Is it due to the fact that someone is always sick in this house?  In my eyes I have so little completed on my Christmas To-Do.  I am trying to remember that Christmas will still be wonderful even if... Christmas cards do not get mailed out till the last second.
....we have only 3 trees up and not 4.
....there are not approximately 100 dozen cookies (ready and waiting) in the freezer.
...a tree is missing a tree skirt (yesterday, I improvised and used a scarf on one of the trees...looks pretty cute, might I add!).
...all of the adorable crafts I have discovered go undone.
...the front of our house does not have an amazing Clark Griswold light display.
...the presents are not wrapped picture perfect (anyone else not enjoy wrapping or is just really lousy at it?).
...Eric has to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Okay, that last is getting to me.  Yesterday, was a no good, rotten day.  Yuck!  Thankfully, I get to redeem myself today.  Here is to new beginnings...


Shanna said...

You will all have a wonderful Christmas even if none of the 'planned' stuff gets done because you are a wonderful mother/person/friend and have a wonderful family! You will make it a great Christmas because that is what you do. :)

shelly said...

Your Christmas will be fantastic in your kids' eyes---they won't remember griswald lights and hundreds of cookies--even 4 or 3 trees! What they will remember is happy moments-so breath, grab some wrapping paper and tape and get at those gifts! (Don't worry about perfect-it takes a whole 3 seconds to rip into it and leave it in a pile on the floor!)

Jim's working a 24 hour shift on Christmas (and Thanksgiving..and New Years). We're dropping him off and then take cinnamon rolls to the other fire stations and the ems room in the ER.

KariAnnS said...

It will be a memorable Christmas no matter what since it's your first as a family of 6. Think of all that you've been blessed with this year. Trees, lights and craft project be damned- just enjoy the spirit of family and the season! How's that for a lecture?


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