Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paper Loop Wreath

My super crafty friend, Kari Ann, recently posted a Paper Loop Christmas Wreath on her blog that I FELL IN LOVE WITH!  This is what 144 paper loops look like on a wreath from the Dollar Tree!  Fantastic, right?!!!!

Kari Ann gives detailed (and easy) instructions for this beauty over at Scrapfreak.  I used Basic Grey's Jovial line for my wreath (LOVE this line...must get more paper).  My first wreath has found it's home hanging up on the enclosed back porch; however, I am planning on making a few more as well.  They would make GREAT (and cheap...though not cheap looking!!!!) gifts.  I am thinking I need an additional wreath in my kitchen as well;) 

While I was playing with my paper, I slapped some scrappy paper and a few stickers into a 5x7 frame perched on my kitchen window ledge.  It previously held a pumpkin patch photo of Ryder, but in 5 minutes I had almost instant Christmas decor.  How cute are those penguin and Santa figurines?  Got them for a buck at Rite Aid (using my Wellness Card).  I do not know if they will remain there, but for now they are out of little hands.


shelly said...

CUTE! Great Job :)

mustangkayla said...

Fabulous wreath! LOVE it! :-) Cute frame too! I don't get the whole wellness card thing. I tried to ask last time I was there and the gal seemed quite annoyed so I didn't ask any more questions.

KariAnnS said...

Your wreath turned out so cute!! I may have to make another one too :)

pattiwest said...

Very sweet stuff, Kelly!!!


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