Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Parker's Personal Lunch Lady

When Parker started Kindergarten, I became OBSESSED with packing his lunch.  My main goal is to provide him with a nutritious lunch that will sustain him through the day.  Yes, I am fearful my baby is going to starve while at school.  Honestly, I also enjoy packing his lunch as it allows me to maintain some sort of control over a small portion of his day.  Let's face it, while in school all day he spends the better part of his awake hours away from me.  Finally, Parker is the world's slowest eater (next to me, of course) and he cannot afford any time standing in the lunch line. 

Parker got bored with sandwiches early in the beginning of the year (told you he would, daddy).  I began to get upset he was not getting a hot lunch while at school.  A new world of lunch options was available to us when I discovered the Thermos FUNtainer Food Jar!  There is an overwhelming amount of colors, sport motifs, and character designs for the kiddos to choose from. Score!

With the FUNtainer I can send leftovers to school with Parker...spaghetti, soup, and casseroles.  Chicken has made it's way into the container as well as mac-n-cheese.  From time to time I have filled the container with cold milk and sent a separate container of dry cereal for Parker to add at lunch time.  


More often than not, Parker's lunch consists of a main dish, a veggie (carrots or cherry tomatoes being his favorites), a fruit (he is not picky here), a cheese stick, a treat, and something to wash it all down with.  I LOVE the Apple & Eve Fruitables Juice.  I am by no means Super Mom...the occasional PB,& J or Lunchable (blech!) do find their way into Parker's lunchbox on occasion.  This year we are allowing him to buy on Fridays...Pizza Day.  After all, I have been told it's the cool thing to do!


shelly said...

Good for you! Those lunches are the best thing that you can do for your little guy!

Stephanie said...

I love making lunches too!


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