Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 7 Months, Hudson!

As of the 23rd of September, our 'lil Squeaker Beaker is 7 months old!  Say it isn't so that my baby boy is now closer to one year of age versus 6 months of age!  I am already thinking ahead to his first birthday party as it will be here in a blink of the eye.  What is our sweet little boy up to this month?  At 7 months of age, Hudson...

*Has two bottom teeth that are all too cute!

*Is wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 4 diapers

*Is sitting up on his own and enjoys playing with his toys while doing so.

*Has made the transition to sleeping in his crib at night.  He and Ryder are sharing a bedroom...I am praying they develop a similar bond to that of Parker and Garrett. 

*LOVES to eat...sweet potatoes are still a favorite along with pears and peas!

*Is going to make the cutest little lion on his first Halloween.  ROOOOAAAR!

*Cranes his chubby neck to find out where his brothers are and what they are doing.

*Is not sleeping thru the night.  Nothing new for us.

*Maintains his three naps a day schedule...a short AM nap, lengthy enough afternoon nap, and short PM nap.

*Gets up on his hands and knees to rock back and forth.  Go baby, GO!

*Is L.O.V.E.D  by all!


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