Friday, September 10, 2010

Pardon the Randomness

What is going on in the Lindsay House? Well...

  • Hudson's first two teeth have ever so slightly emerged.
  • Parker received three Smile-O-Grams at school last week for being a good friend, serving as an additional teacher in the classroom, and setting a good example in the classroom. Yes, we are proud!
  • Garrett can now ride a dirt bike minus training wheels!
  • Ryder is sporting a busted lip, two bloody big toes, and a "sliced" finger. All wounds are self inflicted.
  • It is only September and we have all four boys Halloween costumes planned.
  • When Eric is not at work he has been busy working on the drywall in our downstairs bedroom. Drywall dust is the pits.
  • I have known for about a year that Eric would be working 12 hours on both Christmas Eve and Christmas this year. The closer we get to December the more depressed I am becoming about the situation, though.
  • I have no less than 20 (unwatched) General Hospital episodes saved to my DVR which leaves me pondering if I am losing interest in my daily afternoon drama.
  • Our calendar for September leaves little room for "play".


Sarah said...

I hear ya about the drywall dust. Our basement finishing project is nearing completion... hallelujah!

We have not a clue what any of the three boys will be for Halloween... ideas?? (And props to you guys!)

Melonie said...

Love your little list:)


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