Sunday, June 6, 2010


When I was pregnant with Parker, I was often asked if we wanted a boy or a girl. Honestly, after miscarrying his twin, I wanted a baby. Period. In my heart I knew I was carrying a boy. Oddly enough, at the time I also had a feeling I would be mom to all boys. After numerous ultrasounds for various reasons, my suspicions were found to be true about 6 weeks prior to his arrival. We became pregnant with Garrett a few months after Parker turned one. Selfishly, I wanted a girl. Eric wanted a girl. Two kids were ideal for us (ha!) and it would be lovely to have one of each. However, I wanted a brother for Parker. Three brothers later, Parker is questioning if he will ever get a sister (that is a post itself).

The bond that Parker and Garrett have is incredible. I am not going to fib and say their relationship is perfect. There are fights. They annoy each other at times. When all is said and done they are the best of buds, though. As all of the boys continue to grow, I am hopeful that a strong bond between them continues to emerge.

Tuesday night was Parker and Garrett's first T-Ball game of the season. Together, they started the game in the outfield. Together, they sported the Tigers logo on their blue shirts. Together, they played ball and had fun. This sappy mama, indeed, shed a tear. Together, they were the brothers I have always envisioned since learning we were expecting our second son.

Parker in the dug out

Garrett checking out the boo boo on his knee

Look at the joy on Garrett's face!

Parker on third base...his brother's hit brought him into home

Garrett at bat

Love this photo of Parker

Go Garrett

Garrett on first

Parker on first

I look forward with great anticipation to seeing all four of my little dudes out on the field one day!


Sara said...

Adorable! Looks like great weather!

The Stephens Family said...

This sappy Mom shed a tear too! So great that the boys get to play together! I love hearing about the bond that they share!

mustangkayla said... sweet! So neat to see your children have such a strong bond! Great pics!

Melonie said...

Fantastic pics!!

Stacy said...

How cool they get to play together!

~jan said...

Such sweet photos, Kelly. :) Brings back lovely memories of when my 14 & 15 year old boys were this age. Enjoy this precious time, it goes way too fast.

shelly said...

They are adorable! All three of our boys were born 15-20 months was super hard at first, but they are so close that I wouldn't trade it for the world!


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