Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In His Own Words

Welcome to Ryder Lingo 101

Melmo (Elmo)

Gunkey (Monkey)

Ma's (Bananas)

Taco (Parker)

Moo (Milk)

Duh-dap-a-duh (A variety of foods served in individual serving cups...yogurt, applesauce, mandrin oranges, etc)

Side (Outside...as in I want to go outside)

Mimi (Mammy...Parker's name for my Mom)

Mamadaddy (Eric and I collectively)

Teet (Treat)


mustangkayla said...

So sweet! I was cracking up at something Peyton said the other day and got to thinking I need to write them down so when I go to scrap them I will have a reference.

{the card family} said...

Ah ha ha ha! So cute!


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