Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hudson at 4 Months

Say what?! Hudson is 4 months old today? Yes, I do not want to believe it either. At 4 months old, Hudson...

*Is a mama's boy...he waves his arms and legs in delight upon seeing me (awww...shucks!)
*Blows bubbles
*Laughs when tickled (especially by daddy)
*Is such a happy little guy in the morning upon waking up
*Was sleeping through the night for about a week, but that has changed
*Is generally in bed for the night (so to speak) at 7pm (awesome!)
*Is a lousy napper
*Adores the attention of his brothers...particularly Garrett it seems
*Loves looking up at the trees and laughing at the leaves as they wave in the summer breeze
*Has some serious rattle shaking skills
*Comfortably fits into his 3-6 months clothing and size 3 diapers
*Squeaks, squeals, and "talks" his little head off
*Sucks his thumb...he prefers his NUK; however, he happily accepts his thumb as second best
*Continues to be 100% loved on by many

Here are a few snapshots of our little flirt hanging out under a tree the other day...


KariAnnS said...

time really flies doesn't it?

Sara said...

Still totally looks like Garrett. My goodness!

Stephanie said...

Oh he sure looks like your other boys!! He definately belongs to you! Cute little man you have.

mustangkayla said... darn cute!

If you used the sketch from Aphra on my blog, you should post it on your blog and link it to hers (the Mr. Linky is on the side)! The deadline is the 25th (like tomorrow, Friday the 25th).

~jan said...

Who can sleep when his brothers are busy? ;) He's a keeper!

jenney said...

4 months? Seriously??

Love the pics!!


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