Friday, May 7, 2010

Melt. My. Heart.

I want to eat them up with a spoon!
Is that wrong?


mustangkayla said...

Too funny! They are adorable! I say that to my kids all the time...You are so yummy I just want to eat you....Your so cute I just want to eat you....haha!

cfoxes33 said...

They are beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!

Melonie said...

Oh my goodness...they are so cute! I can see why you would want to eat them up. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

pattiwest said...

Positively Precious!!! And no, it's so not wrong!! :)

jenney said...

Aw, look at your little men! Love it! {And can't wait to see it on a layout! ;-) }


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