Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Final Days of School

This morning, Garrett attended his final session of preschool for the 2009-2010 school year. Together, on Friday, he and I will return for Carnival Day to celebrate the end of the school year. Garrett and I are really looking forward to Friday's festivities!

Here is a look at our Baby G, earlier this fall, on his first day of preschool. Handsome little guy, right?

Here is Baby G, today, on his last day. No, I am not in the habit of sending my children to school sporting swim trunks. Today happened to be Beach Day.

Dear Garrett,

Congratulations on a successful first year of preschool! You are my spirited child; therefore, I anticipated paying for you to attend school and sit in time out. Yet, there were NO time outs for you throughout the school year. You made new friends in Zane, Porter, and Ben. You enjoyed your days with teachers, Miss Barb and Miss Heidi. Snack time and outside play quickly became your favorite time of day. Throughout the year, you have grown both academically and socially. Daddy and I are so very proud of you!


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mustangkayla said...

Aww...they grow up to fast! He is adorable!


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