Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warning...We Are Not Color Shy

Here is a small glance at the new color on the walls of the larger bedroom upstairs...soon to be Parker and Garrett's room.

I love it! It is cheerful and perfect for our older boys. Eric did a fantastic job painting the room. It took two coats of primer to cover up the dark caramel color we had on the walls. The green, itself, needed three coats. Call him a pro, but Eric even manages to do trim work without painter's tape. More photos to come as our work progresses.


Stephanie said...

Cool color!! I love painting!

mustangkayla said...

How fun! Love the green! I am debating on colors for DS's room once we move. We used to have a bright green (a bit lighter than yours) and brighter lighter blue with white chair railing diving them. It was SO much fun! I loved it!

free font said...

yup! nice color!


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