Monday, July 6, 2009

Project 365

Last night I was attempting to play catch up with Project 365...organizing files, renaming photos, working on journaling cards, etc. Here are a few recent photos...

Some days I feel like I should just skip a step and directly
pour the cereal on the floor.

Eric graduated from college almost 10 years ago and still buys
the "cheap beer" 75% of the time for here at home. Now, if only I could
get him to stop throwing his empty cans in the bathroom trash can.

Finally, Garrett has learned to peddle his Tonka bicyle. He learned
to ride a dirt bike before he could peddle his bike. Strange, no?!


mustangkayla said...

Yeah Garrett! Thats pretty funny about the cereal and beer! lol...Bathroom trash huh?

Sara said...

GAG! Natty Lite! My FIL still drinks that skanky beer.

Alicia W. said...

Just blog hoppin and wanted to say hello. I'm Alicia from S.C - Nice to meet ya! :o) Your blog and family is precious.

Party of Five said...

LMAO at the beer! So sounds like my house. In fact, I made sure to change the bathroom trash so the babysitter wouldn't think we're bathroom drunks. LOL.

And the cereal...I so feel ya on that:P Have you watched Nurse Jackie on showtime? There is a funny thing about cereal on the floor in that show!

jenney said...

Great pics, girl!! I've pretty much given up on this project. =( Sigh...maybe next year?


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