Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Project 365...Week of April 19th

My view of the neighbor's tree from across the street.
I love this tree and glance at it often throughout my day
in the Spring.

A certain (little) someone in this house is obsessed with
getting his hands on a remote. It does not have to be the
remote...just a remote (as in thank goodness for back up).

Garrett discovered an ant hill on the front
sidewalk. He spent the better part of the evening
intently staring at them.

Ryder spends most of his outside time seeking out
dandelions...he spots them rather quickly. My time is
spent plucking them from his hands before
they make their way into his mouth.

Little dude eating Kix...I guess he is practicing his model
pout, too;)

Garrett now has his own dirt bike, too!
He is virtually fearless...after watching Parker
buzz around the yard he has picked up
the how-to's fairly quickly.
Eric is continuing to work with Garrett
and he is thrilled to have his own bike!

We spent the night with good friends BBQ'ing, talking, laughing
and flying kites. The kiddos LOVED this dragon kite!

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Party of Five said...

Those are wonderful! Calvin likes to watch the ants too!


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