Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs 2009

Today, the boys and I spent the better part of the morning coloring our Easter eggs. Garrett would have decorated each egg again and again had I let him. Parker carefully listened to my directions and was proud of each of his creations. This is Ryder's first Easter and he was in on the action as well (see below). We had tons of fun and I took way too many pictures...

Garrett started us out with a mess from
the very beginning!

What is with kiddos (or is it just my kiddos?) sticking
their tongues out when "crafting"?

Checking out Garrett's work

Working together

Garrett insisted on putting two eggs
in each cup resulting in quite a few spills (see above)

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter (because he repeats everything Parker says)!

Garrett is highly annoyed by his colored hands

What was Ryder doing, you ask? He was eating Cheerios, but got in on the action as well...

His blue lips indicate he was up to no good...

...he spent some time chasing his egg all
over the high chair tray

...he also ate a few pieces of egg shell

...and tried shoving the entire egg in his mouth. Good times!

Good job, boys!


jenney said...

Oh my goodness, you've got me laughing girl! You have to scrap that about Ryder eating the egg. Too funny!

And I have to ask, did you purposefully coordinate their clothing or did they do that?

Party of Five said...

They are way too adorable. Of course they're wearing matching clothing;) LOVE IT! Great pics!

Sheri said...

HAHAHA! The blue lips have me rolling! Great pics.


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