Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Program 2008

Last night, Parker and his preschool friends entertained their family and friends during Kersten Korners Nursery School 2008 Christmas Program. All of the preschoolers were absolutely ADORABLE in their Christmas attire and they were so much fun to watch! The children treated the audience to a collection of sixteen various songs complete with motions, dancing, and props.

I managed to get a few decent pictures prior to the program and during...please excuse the lighting and such (I tried!).

Mommy and Parker before the program

Our cheesy Garrett...he loved the program and was really
well behaved for the most part!

Our little star...he is so darn handsome!

Our little guy with his favorite accessory...drool:)

The Oak Harbor High School Auditorium had fantastic decorations
for the holiday festive!

Garrett was SUPER excited to see Parker on stage!

Parker and few buddies during the song "Santa's Helpers"

Parker introducing himself to the audience

The kiddos during "Jingle Bells"...definitely their favorite
song to sing!

Parker taking his bow

Many thanks to everyone who attended last night! Parker had quite the little fan club;) We hope you enjoyed yourselves!!!! Merry Christmas!


mustangkayla said...

Great photos! Your kids are adorable!

TresNinos said...

I love the pic with Parker holding drum sticks. He's looking like, "Ooohhh...what can I hit with THESE!?" LOL Love the new hair, too, Kelly!

Jenney said...

Looks like the boys had fun! Your pictures turned out great!

Sheri said...

How fun! LMBO at Ryder's constant drool

Laura said...

Great pictures...your hair looks so cute!


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