Wednesday, December 10, 2008

7 Months Old...Closer & Closer to One Year Old!!!!

As of Friday, December 12th Ryder is 7 months old! It was about one year ago that we discovered via ultrasound we would be blessed with our third son. Oh, how this little guy has changed our world. Ryder has grown in so many ways throughout the last month. At 7 months Ryder...

*Is crawling like a champ.
*Is sitting up on his own.
*Can get himself from the crawling position into a sitting position.
*Still is not sleeping through the night (OK, so this has not changed!).
*Loves playing with Weebles.
*No longer takes an evening nap.
*Is definitely NOT a fan of baby food...ugh, kind of frustrating!
*Is taking "Big Boy" tub baths (assisted, of course).
*Pulls himself up on EVERYTHING...the couch, chairs, people, toys, pack-n-play, crib, etc
*Can turn anything into a drum.
*Has been to the play area at the mall...and played!
*Has had his first ear infection.
*Has a goofy face that he likes to give when someone is looking at him.
*Is not a fan of "help" and wants to do things on his own.
*Loves the Christmas decorations and going after the tree.

He is always on the go...bring on the action shots!

Check me out...I'm in the BIG tub!

Yep, I'll climb this too!

Just working on my back float!

Here I go!

Catch me if you can, Mommy!

Mommy thinks this is cute!

That's me...always "cheesing" and ALWAYS drooling!

Almost there...

WooHoo...I made it!


bLd said...

so sweet:*:X

mustangkayla said...

Awesome pictures! What a cutie! love the santa hat!

TresNinos said...

Oh, I'm a sucker for the big eyes. So cute!

Jenney said...

Are you kidding me? He's already cruising??? Wow! Watch out for that Christmas tree! =)


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