Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon we took the boys to Jason's Pumpkin Patch to choose a few pumpkins. The pumpkin patch is located in our hometown and was started by a high school student a few years ago. In an attempt to help save for his college fund, this young entrepreneur currently has quite an established business during the fall season. Pretty neat, huh?!

I wish I had better pictures to share, but the boys were NOT cooperating (and the batteries in my camera went kaput). Oh well, better luck next year...

How cool is this?!

Parker quickly grabbed one he liked

At first, Garrett was more interested in the cats roaming around

Finally, Garrett makes a selection

A bundled up Ryder with our pumpkins


Party of Five said...

Wow, what a neat pumpkin patch! Love the pumpkin tower!

Jenney said...

How fun!! Love the tower of pumpkins! =)


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