Monday, October 27, 2008

8th Annual Feasel Fall Classic

Sunday was the 8th Annual "Feasel Fall Classic"...held at the home of our friends, Matt and Cary Feasel (and clan). The "Feasel Fall Classic" is a full day of 50cc dirt bike races that mainly consist of grown men racing "little dirt bikes"; however, there are youth and women divisions too. Each year this FUN race draws a large crowd of participants and spectators...despite Sunday's weather 2008 proved to be no different. In addition to the races there is a huge kettle of stew for all to enjoy, music, a 50/50 raffle, and lots of kids playing all around. Overall, it's a really fun day!

The little guy spent the day at Mammy's house (getting spoiled) and the rest of us headed out early Sunday morning. This was Garrett's first year attending and when we pulled up to the Feasel house he was literally shaking with excitement.

Garrett and Daddy "prepping" Daddy's bike

This was the 4th year for Parker to attend the Feasel Fall Classic, but his FIRST year to RACE!!!! Yes, at the last minute (and truthfully at Mommy's prodding) we entered our 4 year old in the "Beginner Youth" division. At first, Eric was uncertain of how Parker would "perform" on a real track (compared to our small backyard). In addition, we had only taken the training wheels off of his dirt bike 2 weeks ago. Parker "was game" though and I thought he would have fun. Finally, daddy agreed too:)

At the completion of sign ups Parker ended up being the only entrant in his division. I am not sure if his "mad skills" scared off the other competitors or we are in the minority of crazy parents who give their child a dirt bike at age 2. I am thinking the latter of the two LOL! Regardless, Parker had a BLAST and that is what counts.

Parker and Daddy getting ready to enter the
track during practice...Eric walked behind Parker as he rode

Garrett intently watching his big brother...
he wore his bike helmet for most of the day;)

My little guy making his way around the track...
he fell once, but got right back on

During practice he was a tad bit unsure and would put one
foot down to "stable" his "race" both feet were on the pegs

A happy and safe little rider

In the past Eric has only entered the "Open Pro" division, but after turning 30 this past June he entered the "30+ division" as well. He was excited, but his body is definitely paying for it.

Eric jumping

Garrett and daddy snuggling and watching
other riders

Garrett enjoyed playing in the dirt throughout the day

Parker's race...check out both of his feet on the pegs!!!
Way to go Parker!!!

Garrett and Uncle Steve are in the background cheering him on

The girls at the finish line were super sweet and pulled out
the checkered flag for him (hard to see...they are smaller blocks)

Eric and other riders lining up...Eric is wearing the red helmet and
looking at the camera

WooHoo Eric


Garrett catching a ride with Daddy during
open riding

At the conclusion of the race there is a small ceremony to congratulate all of the riders and winners. Trophies, cash, and other prizes are awarded according to each division.

Parker was SHOCKED and EXCITED upon receiving his 1st trophy...
Garrett was upset and trying to grab it. At that point a nice
gentleman leaned over and gave Garrett the trophy he had earned.

Time to pack up and head home...dirt and all

A super tired rider with his trophy...
he carries it with him EVERYWHERE:)


The Balsmeyer Family said...

In a few years, they're going to have to add a senior citizen divison...I don't think those "boys" are ever going to stop! LOL Looks like you had a lot of fun & Parker did GREAT!

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Jenney said...

You got some amazing pictures, Kelly!! It's so cute that they all have something fun to do together!!


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