Sunday, September 21, 2008

When One Just Won't Do

A few weeks ago I made a slight error in judgement...leaving Garrett and Ryder briefly together while I used the restroom. When I left the room they were happily watching Noggin. I returned to the living room to find little Ryder surrounded by his toys. Garrett was doing his part to make certain Ryder was not bored. Pretty cute huh?!

Now the ironic part to this story is that a few years ago Parker did a similar thing to Garrett. I recall sitting on living room floor and asking Parker to go get a toy for Baby G. One toy was produced...followed by a second...then a get the idea!

Yes, my boys do not quite understand the concept of getting only a few toys out at a time to play with.


Laura said...

Funny! Love that you took a picture of it! It's things like this that make us take them to the bathroom with us!

Jenney said...

LOL At least he was occupied, right? TOo funny!! It's it great when big brothers try to be "helpful."


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