Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Garrett is Nesting!

We purchased a swing for the baby this past weekend (the one we used with the other two boys "died" on us). Sunday morning Eric and the boys put it together and Garrett has been slightly obsessed with the swing ever since (hey, it is pretty cool!). Yesterday, I caught him happily placing a baby blanket in the seat of the swing. Eric and I both thought that was rather sweet of him. Today I looked a little closer at the swing (and lifted up the blanket)...to my surprise I discovered Garrett has been doing his part to prepare for his baby brother. The swing currently houses a sippy cup, a rubber ducky, a stuffed animal, a diaper, a bib, a pair of baby socks, and of course the baby blanket. I asked him about his work and he joyfully exclaimed "Baby!" and then did a little dance. He is too cute:)

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