Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still Pregnant, but the Saga Continues

I had another appointment with my OB early this morning which resulted in a lengthy morning/afternoon adventure (OK...Eric would not call it an adventure). My blood pressure was crazy high which caused the following chain of events. First, my OB upped my current dosage of of blood pressure Rx and gave me a script for an additional (fast acting) blood pressure medication. Second, she referred me to a specialist (Maternal Fetal Medicine) for additional monitoring. We meet with him on April 2nd and will also receive an extensive ultrasound at that time. From there she directed us straight to Labor and Delivery for a NST (Non-Stress Test), additional labwork, and then to a different part of the hospital for an EKG (checking out my ticker due to the high blood pressure).

Before I left her office she told Eric and I that she is *hoping* to get me to 35-36 weeks gestation (I am currently in my 31st week). She asked me if I could make it a few more weeks and in return I questioned if she could keep my boys. She got a chuckle out of that one:)

Our stay in Labor and Delivery lasted a good three hours. I completed my NST and thankfully baby boy did well (once he woke up LOL). We will continue to have multiple weekly NST's for the duration of my pregnancy to monitor our little guy. I will admit it was nice hearing his heartbeat for the three hours we were there *wink-wink*. A lab tech came and drew some additional bloodwork and we had to stay for the results. With the exception of low blood platelets (a problem which aroused a few weeks ago) all of my results came back normal. I am SO thankful for those results, because at this point we are "simply" dealing with pregnancy induced hypertension and not preeclampsia (where we would need to deliver immediately as with Parker and Garrett). My fingers are crossed and I am praying full blown preeclampsia does not set in further down the road. I have a great amount of trust in my doctor and her husband (a partner in practice) that they are doing their very best to help make that happen!

Finally, I had my EKG performed. The technician informed me my results were "abnormal" and that obviously she would be forwarding the results to my OB. I am hoping the only abnormality is my high blood pressure at this point.

I am extremely thankful we have made it thus far in my pregnancy...especially when we were initially faced with the notion of delivering prior to 30 weeks gestation. I will be thrilled to make it to 35-36 weeks!!!

On a happy note we are pretty much ready for our newest addition. We have an area set up in our room for his clothes and such (until we are ready to switch all of our bedrooms around). I get so excited looking at his tiny newborn clothing hanging in our closet. We need to retrieve our infant carseat from the basement and wash the cover. I plan on packing my hospital bag in the next few days and we are buying a new swing this weekend.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers...we greatly appreciate it!


The Balsmeyer Family said...

You better make it longer than me, Kelly! :) Here's hoping that the pre-e stays away. Good luck with everything & you are in my prayers!

Brooke said...

Good luck! Healthy vibes for you.


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