Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Boop" and "Nink You"

The "Terrible Twos" often gets a bad reputation. One of the aspects I adore about having a toddler is their (sometimes) creative vocabulary.

"Boop" is Garrett lingo for "grapes". Last week Garrett began requesting "boop". To be honest Eric and I were clueless for a few days as to what "boop" meant. Finally, one day while Garrett was standing in front of the open fridge with Eric we were educated on what "boop" indeed was. While Garrett stood there exclaiming "Boop! Boop!" Eric pointed at the bowl of grapes. He asked Garrett if he wanted some grapes. Again, Garrett exclaimed "boop" and clapped his hands! The little guy was so delighted that someone finally understood what he was saying.

"Nink You" is "thank you". As of yesterday when you give Garrett something and follow up with "What do you say?" he replies "Nink You". He says it in the sweetest and softest voice. Little confession....I now find myself giving him things on a constant basis just to hear him say "Nink You".

I "Nink You" too little buddy...for putting a smile on my face (and a tear in my eye)!

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