Friday, July 13, 2012

Mama At Play

My newest baby arrived on Wednesday and I could not be happier...hello, Canon 60d!  I am more than excited to welcome you into my hands.  I have been shooting with a Canon 40d for almost 4 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed the moments I have captured.  For the last year I have been toying with the notion of upgrading my DSLR and racking my brain as to which one.  Decisions.  Decisions.  After weighing my current needs along with my desire to purchase one or two new lenses in the coming year, I opted for the Canon 60d.  Thus far...I AM IMPRESSED!  With my new camera battery charged and ready to go I played with my new baby for the first time Wednesday afternoon.  I have been shooting in manual on my 40d for two years (give or take).  The Canon 60d was easy to navigate with a similar display (that being said the upgrades Canon has made...SMART!).  With my camera on manual and my 50mm f/1.8 on board I was delighted with these first images....




I am looking forward to embracing my new toy and capturing wonderful images of my family!


mustangkayla said...

Congrats on your new toy! Love your photos!

~jan said...

Awesome photos, Kelly! I need to come visit you for a tutorial, Im still clumsily (?) fumbling around with all the settings on my new baby. Never having had an SLR before Im quite lost most of the time. :)


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