Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Two...Hudson Edition}

He... the baby of the family

....causes laughter and smiles at the drop of a hat

....jumps with both feet, gallops, and runs with the best of them

...finds comfort in his bink-o and (pink) banky

...talks endlessly...difficult words like chocolate and breakfast flow from his lips with ease

...has two perfect dimples that light up a room

...has a love affair with Nemo and yells at him each and every time he dashes off to touch that darn butt

...has a deep, hearty laugh

...has a WICKED temper when something (ahem, or someone) sets him off

...can count from 1 to 10

...identifies his hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, belly, teeth, and bootie

...engages in dance offs and facial contortion battles with the little guy looking back at him in the oven glass

...refers to eggs as hugs which is beyond cute

....calls me Kelly and honey more often than Mommy

...wakes up in the morning asking for his peeps (Mommy-Daddy, Parker, Garrett, Ryder, Mimi, Geema, Papa, Geempa, Jerry, BB, and Geema Sheila) a stocky 'lil dude with a healthy appetite

...thinks playing Rock, Paper, Scissors is the coolest so loved and a wonderful blessing

He is...TWO!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Hudson!
May this next year bring you joy, smiles, and love!
We love you!!!


stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Hudson! I remember the morning your mama shared with me that she was pregnant with you! What a blessing you have been to her!!

Erin Kilburn said...

One of my all-time fav photos! Happy Birthday Hudson!! erin

mustangkayla said...

Cute cute photo! Great post! Happy birthday yo Hudson!

Shanna said...

Happy Birthday Hudson!! I cannot believe he is 2 already!! Wow! Time flies. Such great pictures!

Melonie said...

Happy Birthday Hudson!! I have loved watching you grow:) Great pic and post Kelly!

~jan said...

I cant believe your littlest man is 2! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!


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