Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Talk....

Tomorrow night Eric and I are headed to Cedar Point sans kiddos.  It is our first date night since our anniversary in early May.  Sad, I know...

As if on cue, with said plans in place, Garrett began puking last night at 3am.  I cannot help but wonder who will be the next victim of this "back to school" bug; therefore, putting a damper on our plans.

Three weeks into school and Garrett is upset that teachers accidentally refer to him
as Parker from time to time.  I see this being a trend over the years. 

Labor Day weekend brought us our last camping trip of the 2011 season.  I will go on
record as saying that the purchase of a camper has been one of our best purchases.  Hands down.

This weekend brings us Parker's first football game and Garrett's first soccer game
of the fall season.  Go Bears!  Go Purple U6!

Hudson is currently sporting an upper busted lip.  And a lower busted lip.
Two separate incidents.  The youngest of four, he is fearless!

We have less than a month before an outage begins at the power plant.
  So long Daddy as you take on 72 hour work weeks.  We will miss you!

We need to build upon Ryder's mad love with swimming.
Dude has some skills in the water!

I played with some of my new scrappy supplies today.
It felt great to create!


~jan said...

I hope you get your date night in, Kelly! Sorry to hear about Garrett-hope he is feeling better and the sickies were contained to just him!

mustangkayla said...

:-( Hope the sickies don't spread to the other kiddos and that you still get your date night. If I were close I'd come over and watch the sickies so you could still go out!

I don't know how you to it Kelly! Your are definitely a super mom and super woman!


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