Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Through The Years...First Day Of School

It was back to school today for our older two boys!  Parker is making his way through elementary school as he began 2nd grade today!  I had to fight back a few sniffles as Garrett joined him at the elementary school this year.  Indeed, our Baby G started Kindergarten today!  Let's take a look at "our boys" (versus our bitties) on the first day of school in years past....

Parker's first day of Kindergarten & Garrett's first day of Preschool

Parker's first day of 1st grade & Garrett's first day of his 2nd year of Preschool

Parker's first day of 2nd grade & Garrett's first day of Kindergarten

As their mom, looking at this progression, I am pleading for time to stand still!  To quote my 3 year old nephew, "I cannot like" my babies growing up!  I have more first day photos to share, but this mama is quite simply exhausted.  Stay tuned!


Melonie said...

Super cute pics!!! They are so adorable. For what it's worth this Mama knows exactly how you are feeling. Evan will start his final year of elementary school in 2 weeks....???? How did that happen? (((HUGS))) for Mom and hope the boys have a great week!

shelly said...

if you find a way to make them slow down, let me know!!! Our oldest is 6th grade...and he looks like a mini man...no, not mini...his feet are bigger than mine and he is very quickly passing my shoulders in height!


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