Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School 2011...Take One

Back to School (2011 edition) has been a  pretty darn big deal in the Lindsay House.  This year marks the beginning of Garrett's start in our local elementary school...bring on all day Kindergarten!  In addition, Ryder begins preschool this Monday.  We have chosen a "new" preschool for our family (ahem, Ryder) this year and are excited for the change.  Ryder's cousin will be joining him in the classroom this year and I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall their first day!  Super cute photos to come on Monday...stay tuned!

Back to Tuesday!  I will admit, it was easier for me to send Garrett off to Kindergarten than it was Parker.  Parker was my first.  My guinea pig.  He and I were not sure what to expect.  Together, we were newbies.  At the time, I was also pregnant with Hudson; therefore, I was a HOT MESS when Parker started.  Garrett, on the other hand, has been pleading to go to Kindergarten for two years!  It has been easier to put my nerves and emotions in check when this new journey is so appealing to him. 

Tuesday morning went super smooth...lunches had been packed the day before, coordinating outfits were at the ready, and Mama's camera battery had been charged.  The boys headed to school with their bellies full of scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, and milk.  Eric, who was amidst working 6x12's (night shift to top it off), was able to join us on our walk to school before heading to bed.   

Hey mom, I'm in 2nd grade this year!

My mom was unsure how many fingers I should hold up for Kindergarten...she
threw an apple in my hand.  Appropriate, yes?!

Parker LOVES school and is a great student...his smile says it all.  He is ready!

My Baby worries about starting Kindergarten from him!

I have no idea why we get asked ALL THE TIME if they are twins...ha!

Garrett at his table and happy to start his morning off by coloring!

On my way back through the hall, I stopped for one last photo of Parker as well. 
Overall, he puts up with my antics fairly well considering he is oh so cool (and mature) now.

The dismissal of the students at the conclusion of the day was over the top crazy.  We have had some changes within our school district which has included additional students, staff, and buses merging with our local elementary school.  That being said, both of my boys bounded out of the school doors with smiles and stories to tell.  Thankfully, upon picking Parker up yesterday I noticed the after school flow proceeding much more efficiently.  Within the first few weeks, I am certain most of the kinks will be worked out. 

Garrett heads back for his second day tomorrow as our school does a staggered start for the Kindergarten students.  He is more than eager to meet new friends, get back outside for recess, and partake in another one of Mommy's packed lunches. 


Lelia said...

Seriously, Kelly! Could your boys be any darn cuter??? I adore their coordinating outfits! You rock, as usual.

shelly said...

your boys are too cute! how are the young ones taking it? our youngest HATES being left out...and the poor guy misses so much little guy stuff because he's too busy keeping up with the older two :)

~jan said...

You take the best photos ever! Love these-such handsome dudes!


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