Sunday, June 5, 2011

Money Maker

A conversation that took place between Garrett and myself as we walked to meet Parker after school last Friday...

Garrett:  Ma, what school will we go to after this school (this school meaning our local elementary school)?

Me:  The Junior High, buddy.

Garrett:  Then what?

Me:  Then High School.

Garrett:  Then what?

Me:  Then college.  Do you want to go to college, Garrett? 

Garrett:  shrugs his shoulders and smiles

Me:  What  do you want to be when you grow up, Garrett?

Garrett:  A dirt bike rider!  And a money maker!

Me:  A money maker?!

Garrett:  Yep, a money maker!  Then I would put all the money in envelopes and give it to kids who did not have any!  For toys...for food...for a house.

Me:  Garrett, I think that is a great idea!  You are a sweet little boy!

Once again, I was reminded how really big his heart truly is.


Stephanie said...

What a sweetie!!

mustangkayla said...

Too sweet!

Melonie said... that!

~jan said...

Your little boy's big heart melted mine this morning. :)


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