Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Gift of Subway Art

I LOVE the look of Subway Art that keeps popping up all over blog land.  The girls over at eighteen25 are super generous with their free down loadable pieces of art; however, I have been having the urge to create my own personalized pieces.  My friend, Kari Ann, recently blogged about a special piece of Subway Art she created for her niece's nursery...that was my final push to get busy and make a few pieces as well!

Friends of ours recently gave birth to their first baby, a precious son.  As Kari Ann did, I incorporated his birth stats into the piece I will present to our friends in a few short weeks.  This piece measures 11x14 in size and I plan to frame it as well. 

Again, I loved what the girls over at eighteen25 created for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I followed their lead and created this piece for Parker to give his teacher on the last day of school.  To personalize this gift I included his teacher's name and the name of the Elementary School he attends.  I opted to print this as an 8x10 and will frame it as well. 

I have quickly discovered Subway Art is addicting...stay tuned for additional creations!


Anonymous said...

Cute! Great job on them both--whew--what a name for a teacher!


KariAnnS said...

I love how the School one turned out- super cute!

~jan said...

These are fabulous, Kelly!!


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