Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday Talk

I'm baaaccckkk!  Last week, I took a 'lil break from the blog.  Here is what our family has been up to...

  • The older boys were on Spring break last week.  Ideally, I would love to report we spent the week with our toes in the sand; however, we spent the week at Ohio.  It snowed.  During Spring break. 
  • Eric and I tackled the re-painting of our kitchen last week (Eric was off of work as well...awesome timing!).  I picked out Valspar's Adrift in about 30 seconds due to a major meltdown on Ryder's behalf in Lowe's.  Additionally, we painted the wainscoting and trim white.  Together, the blue and white really brighten up the space.  I will share some before and after pictures once we get the kitchen put back together (aka cleaned and "pretties" up on the wall). 

  • Our family became one of 8 last week!  We added two goldfish to our home...Nemo and Spongebob Goldfish.  Sadly, Spongebob Goldfish was found lifeless on Day Three.  Nemo was discovered in a similar fashion yesterday. RIP dear fish.  Eric and I are going to do a better job at convincing the boys to get a Beta (as I originally wanted).
  •  Parker had his first football game last Saturday.  It was COLD and windy!!!  Sadly, his team lost their first game (to my nephew's team...yea?!!!!).  On the plus side, Parker seems to have a better understanding of the game this season AND we really like his coaches.  They are so upbeat, positive, and overall great with the kids!
  •   Last week, Eric left my coupon binder behind in a shopping cart at Wal-Mart.  I wanted to die.  Hundreds and hundreds of coupons...GONE!!!  My mom went back to the store to look around.  I called.  I called again.  My grandma called the store.  I called again.  And again.  You cannot keep a good couponer down!  My new (and frankly cuter) coupon binder is quickly filling up!
  • Hudson is walking here, there, and everywhere.  I LOVE this stage!
  • Are you on Pinterest?!!!  OMG...I am addicted!!!
  • Garrett's first soccer game is this Sunday.  I am greatly enjoying helping out as a coach.  This season should prove to be VERY entertaining!
  • Ryder's speech is (finally) developing at a faster pace.  He is picking up on everything and I am thankful we have a better understanding of him (most of the time...haha!). 


mustangkayla said...

Busy busy! I can't wait to see your kitchen! Bummer about the snow on spring break! We are forcasted to get more this week. :-( I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed on Easter this year the rate we are going!

Melonie said...

Oh Kelly so sorry about Nemo and Spongebob. Yes get a Beta...those suckers will live through anything including being in a classroom full of one year olds....being dropped down the sink into the garbage disposal and then being fished out (pun totally intended) with a soup ladle and rinsed off in water that was probably a little too hot....and moving in between two states in a u-haul truck....not that I know from experience...I'm just sayin' lol.
Anyway...LOVE that color blue and can't wait to see pics...and umm...pinterest...totally addicted!


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