Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • My poor Baby G...he began puking Monday night following a family bike ride.  He and I both had a looooong night on the couch that night.  He has to be the sweetest (and most polite) little boy when he is sick.  At one point (while I was taking care of him), he commented I can always count on you Mom.  During the wee hours of Tuesday morning he apologized for all of the times he had woke me up that night.  Melt my heart!  He stayed home from school Tuesday and Wednesday.  After 24+ hours of not puking, he puked again last night?!!!  Thankfully, he slept peacefully last night.  He bounced down the stairs this morning and declared he was going back to school today.  Yea!

  • Ryder has a new friend... 

...he pleaded for this little guy in Lowe's late last week.  Ryder has been tending to Froggy's hair each morning and gets a big kick out of seeing how fast it grows!

  • I am having a hard time finding curtains I like for our newly re-painted kitchen.  I want something light.  Airy.  A touch of blue.  A splash of yellow.  In the meantime, this egg garland the boys and I made is hanging in place of a curtain rod...

  • I may have my Mommy goggles on, but check out this piece of artwork created by Parker.  LOVE it!  I had his original piece recreated into a ceramic tile via a fundraiser through his school. 

  • Eric and I are planning on taking the boys to Disney World next year.  Can you say excited?!!!  There is so much to think about, plan, etc; however, I am finding TONS of helpful info online (and from super sweet friends!).
  • Finally, Hudson's surgery is this Monday.  We have to be at the hospital at 6:30am with his surgery scheduled for 7:50am.  I am getting anxious.  My nerves are shot.  If you could say a prayer for our baby boy that would be great!


shelly said...

Wow--you have a full plate! Hope that school went well for your kiddo today and no more night time incidents :). Will be praying for you all on monday!

mustangkayla said...

I'm glad to hear Garrett is feeling better! I'm quite impressed with Parker's talent too! :-) Prayers going your way!

Misty said...

What a sweet boy your "G" is. Praying for Hudson and that painting is so sweet.

~jan said...

Glad the G-Man is feeling better (and momma is getting some much needed rest!). Im not sure which I think is more delightful-the frog or the egg garland! Parker's are is amazing! Would be happy to answer any questions about Disney-just let me know. :) Prayers for Hudson for sure!


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