Saturday, April 30, 2011


  • First, let me extend a sincere thank you for your prayers, kind words, cards, and flowers during the recent tragedy that took the lives of my dear friend and her three young children.  In time, I hope I can find it within myself to focus more on the memories we shared versus the tragedy itself.  In the meantime, I will continue to work through a wide range of emotions.
  • Speaking of prayers, thank you for all those said on behalf of Hudson as well.  For those of you who do not know via Facebook, we proceeded as planned with Hudson's surgery on the 18th.  The staff quickly fell in love with him and his sweet disposition.  He did remarkably well and is healing quite rapidly.  
    ...all smiles despite a very early wake up call and empty belly before being taken to the OR
  • Earlier this week, I wrote out our May calender.  Eric pointed out that May 11th was our lone day with no scheduled plans (I am certain that will change).  It is going to be a crazy month full of Garrett's remaining soccer games, Parker's final football games, Ryder's 3rd Birthday, Garrett's Preschool Graduation, Field Day, 1st Grade Trip to the Zoo (Mama is chaperoning), Carnival Day, Eric and I's anniversary, dentist appointments, BBQ's, and the beginning of T-Ball practices.
  • Speaking of T-Ball...guess who is Parker and Garrett's coach?  Yours truly.  The league caught me at a really weak moment when they called and asked.  I have never played T-ball.  Or baseball.  Or softball.  Well, outside of backyard play.  As a former Cheerleader I can be rather enthusiastic.  That has to count for something.  Right?!  Go Little Sluggers!
  • I am sure many of you can relate, but I have a ton of ideas/projects that are calling out to me.  However, I have so very little time.  The completion of our Kitchen (in terms of decor) is dragging on more than I would care to admit.  I have a few ideas in the works using some wire fence and yarn, but not for the same projects.  Stay tuned!  Here is a quick before and after of one wall in the kitchen... I have mentioned the kitchen was the first room we painted upon moving in almost
    8 years ago.  I had an endless amount of apple decor and ran with it.  After 8 years, it was time
    for a change!
    After...covering up the Ruby Red Lipstick color with white was quite the task!!!  I am finding
    the white and blue so cheerful, airy, and clean.  The pop of it!  You can download your own
    "I Love Us" print here.  The little pot of wheat grass I grew myself.  That stuff grows quick!!!  I wish I had
    planted the seeds a little further down in the pot as to not have as much white showing.  Live and learn!
  Have a great weekend!!!


shelly said...

Sending so many prayers to you dear busy momma! I'm glad the surgery went well--and those huge hospital pj's are adorable or more likely it's the boy in the pj's but still! Love the new kitchen colors--it's very calming and clean :)

mustangkayla said...

Your kitchen looks great! Love the blue and white with a bit of yellow! Only one day without something! :-0 I don't know how you do it!

~jan said...

Sending you big squeezy cyber hugs, Kelly! Im hoping fond memories of your friend take over the tragic ones soon.

Your kitchen looks wonderful! That pop of yellow is spectacular both for the color and the meaning. :)

~jan said...

Ooops. So glad to hear Hudson did wonderfully with his surgery!

Natalie said...

I LOVE that picture of your kitchen! So fresh and cheery looking. I think that print is a great touch. Thinking of you often!

Melonie said...

Continuing to pray for healing for all of you. SO glad Hudson did so well and good luck with t-ball!! (((HUGS))) Kelly:)


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