Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Talk

  • The sound of birds chirping outside our windows this morning was music to my ears!  Spring cannot get here fast enough!
  • For years...and I mean years I have avoided the dentist due to an extreme fear of the dentist.  A little over a month ago, a friend of mine referred us to a new office.  I am in LOVE with our dentist and his staff!  I never envisioned myself making such a statement (even after some extractions yesterday!).  I have some additional work that needs to be done, but our family is well on it's way to healthy smiles. 
  • We signed Ryder up for preschool in the fall.  Yes, I cried!  How is he old enough for preschool?!!!
  • Kindergarten screening is right around the corner for Garrett.  He is more than excited to attend the same school as Parker next year. 
  • Parker has a solo speaking part at next week's Spring Music Program.  He has been working to memorize his lines.  The public speaker in me keeps reminding him to slow down and not yell into the microphone.  I am certain he will do great!
  • Eric has done an amazing job taking care of the kiddos while I rest after yesterday's extractions.  Thank you, honey!!  Love you!
  • I have found a home builder that I hope we can work with in the next few years.  His work is INCREDIBLE and I find myself looking at floor plans on a continual basis. 
  • Sometimes Google is the devil.  I should stop searching some subjects.  Stresses me out.  Enough said.
  • Hudson is beginning to take solo steps.  Yea!!!!  I cannot wait to see him toddling around this summer in a cute romper. 
Happy Thursday!!!


Misty said...

Some exciting things going on your family! Well, except for the extractions. Hope you feel better.

mustangkayla said...

Exciting times! I'm with ya on the dentist. I've drawn blood by digging my nails into my hands so hard from the stress of those dang drills. You think by now they would figure out how to make them much quieter.

mustangkayla said...

Oh, I was going to ask...Are you building from scratch or adding on to your house? We had a house I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the floor plan on.


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